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I rule over the spectacular and breathtaking kingdom of Sky Garden.
~ Venus Theiatena

Character Synopsis

Goddess Venus is a representation of Love and Sex. Venus is the creator of all Love Fairies and is the queen of The Sky Garden, she is regarded as Kyu's Boss and the one behind all the love that happens down below in The Human World. Venus challenges The Player that they couldn't gain their affection however she is proven wrong within days where she and The Player get intimate in the bedroom

Character Statistics

Tiering: 3-C

Verse: Huniepop 

Name: Goddess Venus, Theiatena Venus 

Gender: Female 

Age: 10,000 Years Old (As old as The Virgo Constellation)

Classification: Divine Goddess, Love & Sex itself 

Special Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Empathic Manipulation (Is the influence and represention of all Love that happens within The Human World. Should have the same abilities as Love Fairies, who feed on emotions to sustain a physical form), Immortality (1, 4 & 8, is reliant on the idea of desires and love), Creation & Mind Manipulation (Created the Love Fairies and gifted them with the ability of sentience and different personalities), Non-Corporeal (Traditionally exists without a form; Unlike Love Fairies she doesn't need emotions to sustain her Human Form), Perception Manipulation (Both Venus and Love Fairies are completely inperceivable to anyone who aren't chosen humans or gods), Shapeshifting (Capable of taking the form and appearance of anything she wants similarily to Kyu), Abstract Existence (Is treated as not just being a Goddess of Love & Sex. But the literal essence and representation of said ideals. Described as a vessel of Love & Desire), Summoning (Can likely summon Love Fairies to aid her), Conceptual Manipulation (The concept of love & desir itself, as such she has control over it's abstract nature), Social Influecing (Similarly to Kyu, she has the ability to seduce and talk to others, making them fall for her with just merely speaking), Non-Physical Interaction (Scales to The Player, who can interact with Nymphojinns, beings who embody lust). Resistance to Empathic Manipulation & Mind Manipulation (Cannot be affected by Emotion-Based and Mental Abilities. As Love Fairies and to extension Venus can only fall in love through their own will and not through outside forces. The same goes for their mentality) 

Destructive Ability: Galaxy Level (Venus is treated as one of the most important figures in the universe and is explicitly the Goddess of Love, as such, she should be on par with The Nymphojinns and likely superior, considering it's her power that allows Chosen Ones to stop Nymphojinns. Superior to all Love Fairies, thus should be superior to The Player with 24 Fairy Wings)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Superior to Kyu Sugerdust; Capable of travelling instellar distances and should scale to The Nymphojinns, whom of which are capable of traveling across galaxies and the entire universe)

Lifting Ability: Class Z (Likely on par with The Nymphojinns in their true forms)

Striking Ability: Galactic Class (Likely superior to The Nymphojinns, whom of which are consistently stated to have enough power to consume and destroy galaxies, of which they have been doing for thousands of years)

Durability: Galaxy Level (Vastly superior to The Player with 24 Fairy Wings, whom of which can survive an encounter with Nymphojinns). Non-Corporeality, Abstract Existence, and Immortality make her harder to kill.

Stamina: Limitless (SHe is unable to fatigue unlike a Love Fairy who relies on emotions to sustain a physical form.) 

Range: Universal (Influences love across all of The Universe {The Human World} and also represents the idea to extension) 

Intelligence: Very High (Like Love Fairies, she has knowledge on everyone within The Human World at all times, knowing their background, what they are doing at any given time and in addition knowledge regarding their sexual interactions.) 

Weaknesses: If the concept of love & desire fades, Venus too will cease.

Other Attributes

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Goddess of Love: Venus is the very realization of love and desire itself. She controls all love that happens across The Human World and also controls desires as well. Venus also will continue to exist across the cosmos unless the concept of Love and Sex cease to exist.

Extra Info:

  • While it's like that Sky Garden is a universe and a seperated space-time continuum, nothing really indicates that Venus can effect it significantly to scale. We do know she is at least on par with The Nymphojinns, who have countless galaxy busting statements. This means that Venus should be 3-C with how consistently she is described to be one of the most powerful/important figures in the verse


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