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Character Synopsis

The Spectre is a cosmic entity and the physical embodiment of God's vengeance on Earth. Permanently bonded to a human soul, he uses his incredible divine powers to punish the truly wicked, usually ending his victim's lives in creative and ironic ways. The Spectre was created to replace the being Eclipso, the Spirit of Gods' Revenge who was no longer suitable to be the Wrath.

The Spectre is the one who is "responsible" for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as the ten plagues of Egypt, splitting the Red Sea, and tumbling the walls of Jericho.  

Character Statistics

Tiering: 2-B2-A1-A

Verse: DC Comics

Name: The Spectre

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Specter, Ghostly Guardian, The Spirit of Vengeance, Spirit of Redemption, The Man of Darkness, Raguel and Avenging Wrath of God

Special Abilities: 

Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Durability, Invulnerability, Flight, Reality Warping, Cosmic Energy Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Precognition, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Dimensional Travel, Illusion Creation, Soul Manipulation (Can destroy souls and tear souls outSevered control over all of humanity's souls from a necromancer), Cosmic Awareness, Emphatic Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Existence Erasure (Can erase the beings he consumes. Removed an elder god from existence, and erased a ghost. Removed evil from a man), Absorption, Resurrection (Resurrecting others will send the Spectre into the sea of nothingness), Creation (Can create matter out of energy), Fusionism, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Possession, Ice Manipulation, Power Nullification, Attack Reflection, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, and 7, and 8),  Magic (Extensive knowledge of spells and counterspells), Matter Manipulation (Created a miniature sun in his palmcan create new bodies out of matter), Antimatter Manipulation (Can fire blasts of antimatter), Transmutation (Turned a man and his accessories to saltTurned Superman to salt and others' eyes to fly larvaeTurned Zauriel's wings to stone), Space-Time Manipulation (Can seal cracks in creationPlaced Jean Loring in a time loopCan halt time around him), Time Travel (Can take others back in time and leave them in the big bang), Age Manipulation (Aged a woman to death), Deconstruction (Caused a man to disintegrate), Regeneration (Low-Godly; the Spectre's physical bodies are creations that can be remade as long as its true self remains intact), Duplication (Can separate into multiple bodies), Size Manipulation (Stated he can grow as large as the universe), Invisibility (Can turn invisible), Non-Physical Interaction (Crushed dozens of spirits in his fist), Life Manipulation (Brought stuffed apes to life to kill a poacher), Necromancy (Can summon the dead to torment the living),Statistics Amplification (Funneled energy into Damage to help recreate the big bang), Teleportation (Can teleport others alongside himself), Telepathy, Mind Manipulation (Made a man commit suicide), Memory Manipulation (Erased Martian Manhunter's memories), Fear Manipulation (Can cause people to go mad from fear, especially with his fear gaze), Technology Manipulation (Can will weapons to stop working), Portal Creation and Dimensional Travel (Can travel to realms of the afterlife and open portals to other realms), Biological Manipulation (Altered the Phantom Stranger's face), Explosion Manipulation (Drew a nova into his handmade people explode from the inside), Curse-based Regeneration Nullification (Madame Xanadu couldn't regrow her eyes), Void Manipulation (Can banish others into nothingness outside space and time), BFR (Banished Doctor Fate through infinite dimensions, through to the end of time), Disease Manipulation (Rotted all food and fouled all water in Kahndaq), Ice Manipulation (Froze a man), Heat Manipulation (Touching him removed enough heat from Superman's arm to cause him pain), Fire Manipulation (Summoned and controlled firemade people spontaneously combust), Hellfire Manipulation (Removed all hellfire from Hell), Chain Manipulation (Can summon the chains of hell to trap opponents as well as form chains from his body), Earth Manipulation (Caused a volcanic eruption), Air Manipulation (Can create hurricanes powerful enough to strip flesh and shatter bone), Electricity Manipulation (Can generate lightning bolts), Summoning (Summoned a plague of insects), Barrier Creation (Can generate energy barriers), Sealing (Sealed the Quintessence in their realm outside time and space and resealed EclipsoCan seal others in objects), Healing (Healed his girlfriend of fatal injuries and restored life energy to Gaea), Power Bestowal (Granted Batwing protection from soul-warping hellwind), Absorption (Restored his magic by draining the Wizard and the Rock of Eternityabsorbed power from one million souls), Dream Manipulation (Broke Deadman free from a nightmare), Sleep Inducement (Put Billy Batson to sleep), 

Resistance to Existence Erasure and Transmutation (he resisted The Phantom Stranger's abilities), Mind Manipulation (Resisted the Lasso of TruthWithstood being controlled by Emperor Joker with the Anti-Life Equation longer than others), Soul Manipulation (Protected himself from soul-warping hellwind), BFR (Zeus couldn't banish him), Fire Manipulation (Fire hotter than an atomic explosion froze on his cape), Acid Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation (Unaffected by the Butcher's rage plasma), Transmutation (Broke free from being turned to wood), Dream Manipulation (Broke out of a demon's nightmare), Death Manipulation (Unaffected by Johnny Sorrow's face), Time Stop (Unaffected by the Phantom Stranger's time stop)

All previous powers along with Regeneration (True-Godly; regenerated after being thrown and erased in the Void), Immortality (Types 1, 3 and 10), Omnipresence, Nigh-Omniscience, Large Size (Type 11)

Destructive Ability: Multiverse Level (Considerably stronger than Dr.Fate, who he viewed as insignificant when compared to his full powerCasually funneled enough energy to Damage to recreate the universe. Comparable to Mordu, who is superior to entities like Indrawhose power could endanger 1,001 planes of creation) | Multiverse Level+ (Channeled all the powers of Earth's Heroes, becoming powerful enough to even stand against The Anti-Monitor, albeit was overpowered despite being amped) | Metaverse Level (After having reached his full potential, he become one with Logoz within the void beyond all voids, directly connecting to The Oversoul. Reached a state of existence beyond life, death and all forms of existence, including dimensions. Fought Micheal Demiurgos) 

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Stated by the narration says his fist traveled hundreds of billions of light-years, of which is calculated to move as these speeds ) | Massively FTL+ (Faster than before. Can fight on par with Anti-Monitor, who also moves at these speeds) | Omnipresent (One with all of creation, including the void and everything contained within out outside The Source Wall) 

Lifting Ability:  Immeasurable | Immeasurable | Irrelevant

Striking Ability: MultiversalMultiversal+Metaversal

Durability: Multiverse Level | Multiverse Level+ | Metaverse Level

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Multiversal+ | Metaversal

Intelligence: Unknown (Has knowledge of events of the future and used to be part of a police department). Nigh-Omniscient and remembers the Crisis on Infinite Earths | Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: The Spectre can be injured or even slain by sufficient magic force such as the Spear of Destiny (although it should be noted that due to the nature of the Spear, it is precisely suited to harm him). If his body dies then The Spectre will be no more and the human spirit and the Divine Wrath will separate. The amount of power he has is limited by the amount The Presence is willing to give him, so his power level canonically varies enormously between different appearances, even beyond normal differences between writers and decades. He also cannot do anything that The Presence will not allow him to do | None notable

Versions: Average HostCrisis On Infinite Earth's | Unbound Spectre

Other Attributes

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Intimidation: The Spectre excels at being able to intimidate and frighten his adversaries. This is usually done through showy spectacles such as assuming a monstrous appearance, growing in size, projecting a loud, booming voice, etc. In combat, he can shoot green (or yellow) energy blasts.
  • Judgment: The Spectre punishes souls who have done evil, often by using his reality-warping powers to give them ironic punishments and then damning their souls to hell.


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