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This is the Omniversal Battlefield and this Wikia exists as a counterpart to VS Battles, Character Stats and Profiles and many other Wikis that are considered to be notable within the power scaling community.

Similar to the other Wikis listed, the purpose of this place is to index feats, statements and other conditions to gauge out the powers of many fictional characters. We also put these characters against one another using the hypothetical power levels that we have come to a conclusion on and decide who would win realistically speaking. While in the end, power-scaling itself is a solely based on one's opinion and in truth, only really the official creators can decide how powerful a character is, we still do find enjoyment in this hobby.

Now one thing that we have to clarify that's been a huge problem is Copy and Pasting, while we do have an entire page regarding it, now it's gotten to the extent where the consequence has to be given for this act. So in essence, if a page is found out to have been copied from another source (We mean, almost identically with little to no change), it will be deleted and users will be warned. If it is continuously happening, then it will result in a ban for an unknown period of time. With that being said, this Wikia doesn't intend to compete with Vs Battle Wiki nor does it want drama with other outlets of information, as this place exists as a separate community with different beliefs. That's all and enjoy your stay at Omniversal Battlefield! A

After reading our policies and the likes, or course.

What's This Wiki For?

On this website, we put fictional characters against each other and decide the final verdict.

Who would win a battle against each other based on facts, abilities, stats and other factors?

In addition, we even create character profiles, respect threads, and ETC based on a character's abilities to show the true capabilities of that particular character.

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Please note that violating a rule in another's turn does not allow exemption, for example: breaking a rule because "the other member broke the rules as well" is not an acceptable excuse.

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