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Life is like a game with a ready hand of cards, doesn't that make you want to destroy the table?
~ Graf Zeppelin

Character Synopsis

Graf Zeppelin is an aircraft carrier type ship that allies herself with The Ironblood. Imbued with a omnicidal rage against all life, Graf is one of the high ranking members alongside the likes of Bismarck for Ironblood and ultimately bares a hatred of the world due to being birthed with natural bad luck 

Character Statistics

Tiering: 7-BHigher via Eat my Shells!

Verse: Azur Lane 

Name: Graf Zeppelin, Zeppy, Zeppelin-Chan

Gender: Female 

Age: Presumably early 20s based on physical appearance; Inapplicable in biological age (Was never born due to having been never constructed in the first place) 

Classification: Graf-Zeppelin Class Ship, Admiral of Ironblood

Special Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, has access to various canons and missiles, Ship Physiology, Information Analysis (Ships are built in with radar senses and these sense also allow Ships to gain Intel on other opposing ships), Abstract Existence, Non-Corporeal (Ships are stated by Akashi to be manifestations of thought, feelings and ideas conceive by humanity. The Sirens also state that they are comprised of "with infinite expectations and ideals" and are stated to be "infinite spiritual sustenance."), Statistics Amplification, Probability Manipulation (Ironblood Hawk increases the chances the chances of that Bismarck's attacks will not only hit but the overall damage they output. Eat my Shells! also achieves this through increasing attack power by 20%), Immortality (Type 1 & 8; Ships are reliant on the perception of humanity and as long as their are beings perceiving and thinking of them, they can manifest themselves, even if they lack blueprints),  Non-Physical Interaction, Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (Wisdom cubes are the mental cognition of Ships and Bismarck basically uses it in place of a brain. Ships have the natural ability to interact with them in addition to the spiritual essence that also exist within all Ships), Reactive Power Level (Wisdom Cubes absorb all the experiences a ship has experienced in combat and as such, their power gradually increases the prolonged a battle is plus based on the amount of battles they fight in), Acausality (Singularity; Graf Zeppelin is an existence that lacks history, with Saint Louis describing ships of her nature as "embodiment of a fantasy that was once to be, but never was"), Negation (Ships are able to fully kill each other, bypassing their reliance on humanity and regeneration). Resistance to Heat Manipulation, Cold Temperatures (Ships are resistant to attacks that involve heat and they have shown they can survive in cold locations for extended periods of times), Spatial Manipulation (Ships are capable of enduring the spatial warping effects of singularities), Mind Manipulation (Bismarck was able to break free of Siren's mental control before she decided to end her own life), History Manipulation (Has no history to manipulate, having not even been born and being the "embodiment of a fantasy that was once to be, but never was")

Destructive Ability: City Level (Ships are directly made of Wisdom Cubes, which is consistently stated to surpass nuclear energy, including nuclear explosions of this magnitude. Can easily pulverize WW2 era ships, a feat that would require this much energy. Stated to be directly comparable to Akagi in strength and build). Higher through Eat my Shells! (Increases her attack potency by 20%) 

Speed: FTL (Sirens are stated to attack ships using laser technology and Ships are naturally capable of dodging these lasers. Their technology is referred to as "optical" and is consistent referred to as "light weapons", implying it's real light)

Lifting Ability: Unknown 

Striking Ability: City Class (Physically on par with Bismarck. Can reduce WW2 era ships and airplane to dust, a feat that requires this much energy. Ships are superior to nuclear energy due to being comprised of Wisdom Cubes). Higher through Eat my Shells! (Increases her attack potency by 20%) 

Durability: City Level (Capable of surviving attacks from other Ships, whom of which possess attacks that are stated to surpass all navel technology and nuclear energy, thus possess more power than explosions on this scale). Harder to kill through Immortality (Ships themselves are reliant on the perception of humanity and as such, their connection to humanity makes them unable to die unless nobody is there to perceive them) 

Stamina: Very High (Ships are capable of fighting numerous ships and waves of enemies without getting tired and some can even do so without much health) 

RangeSeveral meters through canons and technology. 

Intelligence: Gifted (Ships are created with battle in mind and each one of them are tactical in nature. Graf Zeppelin is an immensely wise battle combatant and tactician on the battlefield, despite her omnicidal tendencies, she still exhibits knowledge on how to content with other ships of her level)

Weaknesses: None Notable 

Other Attributes

List of Equipment:

  • Radar: All Ships are built in with radars that allows the ships to get Intel on their opponents and also their surroundings 
  • Canons: Ships all have access to canons and various other firearms such as missiles. These canons are capable of piercing even the likes of The Sirens, whom of which have complex metals 

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Ironblood Wings: This passive ability reduces all damage done upon Graf Zeppelin, including fatal attacks that can deal mortal damage 
  • Ironblood Hawk: Increases Graf's overall chances of hitting an opponent by 30% and also makes her accuracy increase as well
  • Eat my Shells!: A passive ability that increases Graf's overall attack power by 20% 
  • Ironblood #1 CV!: Increases own Air Power, Anti-Air, and Reload by 5%



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