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At the top of this page, insert an image that describes/demonstrates the power/ability in question here. The standard size is 500px, and the image is to be aligned to the center.

To align an image to the center, upload the image in your editor first, and then from there, replace the word "thumb" to "center", and set the size of the image located at the right of the image file text to 600px.

For a demonstration of these steps, a sample image coding will be used.

  • Before adjustment: [[File:image.jpg|"thumb"|"image size in px"]]
  • After adjustment: [[File:image.jpg|"center"|"500px"]]
  • Images can be uploaded in either .jpg or in .png format.
  • After following the "Before" and "After" steps, the uploaded image will be aligned to the center, as well as being adjusted to a specific size. In this case, 600px.


  • A description of the ability, including (but not limited to) what the ability is, as well as how the ability works/functions can be placed here.
  • If the ability is a real-life concept, a description of what this concept is, and the theory behind it can be placed here as well.

Possible Uses (Recommended)

  • An explanation about how this power/ability can be used in a combat situation can be placed here.

Limitations (Recommended)

  • Write down the potential restrictions of this particular ability that can potentially be encountered upon usage.


  • A list of users who demonstrate this ability can be added here.

Copy-Paste Coding

Here is the coding for this format that you can copy and paste onto a new page if you decide to make a page for a Special Ability.


==Possible Uses==