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Fate is never alone! Along the twisted paths I walk, others are ever at my side -- in spirit if not in fact! They are those who serve the cause of justice!
~ Doctor Fate

Character Synopsis

Dr.Fate is a character from DC Comics, being an immensenly powerful and ancient sorcerer who fights on the side of order across the cosmos. He's one of the founding members of The Justice Society of America. There have been many incarnations of Doctor Fate, alongside many individuals who's worn the Helmet of Nabu. The most famous bearer of the Doctor Fate identity is Kent Nelson, whom of which was the son of archaeologist Sven Nelson and, around the year 1920, the two of them were exploring the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia when they discovered an underground pyramid. That's where he could discover Nabu and would become the host to the helment 

Character Statistics

Tier: 2-B 2-A 2-A

Verse: DC Comics

Name: Kent Nelson, Inza Nelson, Nabu

Gender: Male

Age: Around 90 years for Kent and Inza | Over 10 billion years old for Nabu

Classification: Sorcerer, Lord of Order

Special Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight (All iterations of Dr.Fate have innate flight capabilities), Magic (Dr.Fate is one of the best sorcers in the multiverse and has mastered the inner workings of magic), Energy Manipulation (Can produce magical blasts of energy or even just project beams of enery in a variety of wars), Matter Manipulation, Transmutation (Capable of "changing the atoms to dust", of which was done as the first showcasing of his power. Can reconstruct atoms at will), Empowerment (Can channel and empower himself with the power of all humanity), Elemental Manipulation (In the variety of controlling Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Electricity), Morality Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Memory Manipulation (Can remove bad acts and memories of others, making them feel better and modifying their intentionsCan burn what ails others to make them feel better and change their empathy and intentions), Soul Manipulation (Able to interact with souls, such as The Lord of Chaos; Can even extract souls from other opponents), Dimensional Travel (Can travel across 1001 different realities at will, up to infinite if desired), BFR (Can bring people to different dimensions or even banish them there altogether), Time Manipulation (Can freeze opponents in time, alongside attack through space and time as whole), Time Travel (Has traveled through the past and the future), Age Manipulation via Time Control (Can rapidly age other lifeforms), Reality Warping, Life Manipulation (Fate is able to manipulate reality, capable of restoring Earth after it had been destroyed in a battle with a Lord of Chaos. He can also warp the fundamental rules of reality like giving life to inanimate objects),  Illusion Creation & Perception Manipulation (Can cast illusions and trick others' perceptions), Healing (In the form of healing the wounds of living things and even robots), Resurrection (Can bring people back to life with his magical powers), Summoning (Can bring fourth gods, creatures and beings to aid him in battle), Size Manipulation (Has altered his size on many occasions), Astral Projection (Capable of entering the astral plane), Power Bestowal (Nabu can bestow magical powers onto other beings), Duplication (Can create up to an infinity of clones of himself), Mind Manipulation, Telepathy, Absorption (Can destroy evil  within a thieves mind, remove heroine addiction and cleanse the thought of suicide; Has feats of enacting mental shields, erase memories, removinh mind control and even absorbing memories into his mind), Cosmic Awareness, Non-Corporeal, Biological Manipulation, and Regeneration (High) (Scales to Mordru, and has no real bodyHe is made of energy like all the Lords of Chaos and Order). 

Destructive Ability: Multiverse Level (Most incarnations of Dr.Fate are within the same range of power, with Eric and Landa being comparable to Indra, a being who can threaten the existence of 1,001 planes of creation. Using their sheer magical prowess, Eric/Landa were able to defend against an attack that gave rise to many universes. Hector Hall is a superior iteration of Doctor Fate that can manipulate 1,000 worlds of magic. The strongest of The Doctor Fates is Kent Nelson, who is greater than Hector Hall, being  powerful enough to be felt in other universes and cited as the potentially most powerful sorcerer in the cosmos) | Multiverse Level+ (The Lords of Order and Chaos were considered a threat to the multiverse, with it's size being infinite according to beings who knows the multiverse. Kent and Inza were able to defeated two renegade Lords of Chaos) | Multiverse Level+ (Could reverse the events of Zero Hour, an event on the scale of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Maintains energy potent enough to endanger all creation after his death. Stated to be the most powerful of the Lords of Order and Chaosand single Lords of Order and Chaos can warp infinite realities)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Doctor Fate was fast enough to outrace the Big Bangand could even keep up with Golden Age Flash. Far above the likes of Superman and Martian Manhunter, as he could easily dodge them while they are bloodlusted

Lifting Ability: Unknown

Striking Ability: Multiversal (Capable of fighting off beings who can destroy 1,001 planes of creation and has access to at least 1,000 different universes, of which are under his control. His power could be felt in other realities) | Multiversal+ (The Lords of Order and Chaos were goign to destroy the multiverse and Doctor Fate could defeat both) | Multiversal+ Can destroy the multiverse with simply energy left over from his death. Superior to The Lords of Order and Chaos, who were warping infinite universes)

Durability: Multiverse Level | Multiverse Level+ Multiverse Level+ 

Stamina: Extremely long-lasting, but fighting powerful foes will drain him as Kent, otherwise virtually limitless.

Range: Multiversal (Can access to 1,001 worlds and can control 1,00 different planes of magic at will) | Multiversal+ (Can effect the entire multiverse and it's infinity) | Multiversal+ (Was going to destroy the entire multiverse and scales to Lords of Order and Chaos, who can warp infinite worlds) 

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent, has 10 billion years of experience fighting gods via Nabu's knowledge

Weaknesses: Doctor Fate can have his magic drained of him overtime. Is heavily reliant on his artifacts, mainly Nabu's helment and if that's removed, he loses all his magical powers and memories of Nabu 

Versions: Most Iterations of Doctor Fate (Eric, Landa, Hector and Kent) | Kent + Inza | Nabu 

Other Attributes

List of Equipment:

  • Amulet of Anubis: The second of the three mythical items, the Amulet of Anubis originally belonged to the mad priest Khalis until Nabu defeated him and took the amulet for itself. The Amulet of Anubis is extremely powerful, holding a pocket universe inside of it as well as being used to imprison foes. It also increases Doctor Fate’s magical power as well as making Doctor Fate undetectable through magical or psychic means.
  • Cloak of Destiny: Made out of pure force, this cloak has a Shadow Dimension inside of it that can be used to protect those who are inside as well as disorientate others. He can also use it to protect himself against ranged attacks and to fly.
  • Orb of Nabu: The Orb of Nabu is a crystal globe that is used by Dr. Fate to learn about any potential dangers in the future and to learn about an opponent and their abilities. Usually the crystal is kept inside the Tower of Fate, but it could also be summoned by Fate at will. Surprisingly, it is not magical (at least according to Kent) as it uses radio sensitive crystals.

Note: This page is a semi-composite of Doctor Fate and reflects most versions of him


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